VARVEL SPA gear boxes and motor gear boxes - Italy

VARVEL SPA is an Italian manufacturer of gear boxes and motor gear boxes, revolution motor controllers, designed especially for the textile, milling and pastry industry, glass industry, bottling equipments, wood processing, cigarette manufacturing equipments, conveyer belts, power generators, lifting devices, etc.

The product range made by VARVEL is extremely wide, including:

  • Worm gear boxes
  • Cone-cylinder gear boxes
  • Parallel axes gear boxes
  • Co-axial gear boxes with 1, 2 or 3 reduction steps
  • Mechanical controllers  
  • Single-phase or three-phase asynchronous electric motors

Moreover, the wide range of transmission ratios offers our clients the possibility to chose between high, medium and low revolution speeds, as well as extremely low revolutions speeds, speeds that may be obtained by combining gear boxes, even in “out of catalogue” configurations. We can add that VARVEL distinguishes due to their technical and productive flexibility, allowing the company to perform a wide range of versions and solutions suited for the specific demands of each individual client.

Worm gear boxes and motor gear boxes

Gear boxes suited for the modular flange, base or moment arm assembly:

  • Up to the size 85, the case is made of pressure cast aluminum, designed to provide easiness, resistance and rigidity
  • For sizes larger than 85, the case is solid, made of cast iron, suited for heavy load applications
  • Phone:

  • Str. Bobalna, nr. 57-63, Campina – 105600, Prahova, Romania

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