Project Objective


Sectoral Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness”

“Investing in your future”


SC Neptun SA is the main manufacturer of mechanical transmissions in Romania. The purpose of the project is to make an investment which consists in purchasing modern and efficient equipment. The investment is carried out within a field with a high added value (NACE code 281).
The main objective of SC Neptun SA is to increase productivity and diversify its product range, thus directly impacting the turnover and the export of the company.
The specific objectives meant to be achieved by SC Neptun SA are as follows:
- Modernization of the manufacturing process;
- Creation of 51 new jobs;
- Reducing the consumption of raw materials, materials and utilities;
- Reducing the waste quantities;
- Maintaining a clean environment;
Objectives which should lead to the sustainable development of the company and the productive sector in Romania.

The objectives of SC Neptun SA are compliant with the objectives of SOP-IEC whose general objective is the increase of the productivity of Romanian enterprises, by preserving the principles of sustainable development and reducing the difference from the level of productivity in the European Union, so that Romania may attain, until 2012, a level of approximately 55% of the average value of the productivity in the EU.

The investment that SC Neptun SA wants to attain corresponds to the specific objectives of SOP IEC, namely the strengthening and the sustainable development of the productive field and creating an environment favourable for the sustainable development of the enterprises.

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