The origin of NEPTUN company can be traced back to 1911 with the formation of a private workshop for manual casting and manufacturing of products designed for the oil industry and farming applications.

In 1948 the company was nationalised, registered under the actual name and in 1959 the production of standard gearboxes started.

Starting with the 90's, upgrading and the continuous development of the technical and technological production facilities have been the rule, assisted by the diversification of standard product ranges and the assimilation of new products.

Starting with 2000, NEPTUN has become a fully private joint stock company, with Romanian capital.

Provided with various and complete ranges of machine-tools and technological equipment, maintaining the highest quality level, NEPTUN is nowadays the most important producer of mechanical transmissions in Romania, able to meet the various requirements of both domestic and foreign clients.

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  • Str. Bobalna, nr. 57-63, Campina – 105600, Prahova, Romania

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