Equipment for oil extraction using PCP

Since the year 1992, NEPTUN has been producing complete units for oil extraction using Progressive Cavity Pumps.

To meet the requirements of our clients the equippment has been continously diversified and upgraded. Today, we can offer the full set of oil extracting equippment, for depths down to 2400 m.

As a result of the obvious economical advantages featured, some 2000 oil wells troughout Romania have been fitted with such units, untill now.

Beside the P C Pump, which is purchased from wellknown high-experienced pump manufacturers, the rest of the equipment is fully produced within our company.

The equipment consists in the following components:

  • surface drive unit, made in two consrtuctive variants, namely:
  • direct belt drive type UAC, and
  • drive with belts and gearbox type UARC.
  • progressive cavity pump, to be either purchased by the client or delivered by NEPTUN
  • torque anchor with unlimited maximum torque, made in five constructive variants, depending on the well
  • rod centralizers, made in two constructive variants, at the dimensions imposed by the extraction equipment.
  • power switch box, specially designed and made to meet the field requirements


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For an adequate selection of the equipment, it is very important that the client should fill in the data sheet, specifying the technical data of the well.

  • Surface drive-heads

    Surface drive-heads

    Surface drive units, made in two consrtuctive variants, namely:
    • direct belt drive type UAC, and
    • drive with belts and gearbox type UARC
    Drive units have mechanical or hydraulical back-stop devices.

  • Torque anchors

    Torque anchors

    Torque anchor is used to take over the reactive torque given by the friction between the rotor and the stator of the helicoidal pump with progressive cavities, to prevent the tubing from unscrewing. Torque anchor is mounted under the pump Neptun produces a wide range of dimensions of both simple and double torque anchors.

  • Centralizers


    Centralizers are used in deviated wells to prevent the tubing from being broken by the coupling sleeves between the sucking rods. Centralizers consist in centralizing shafts made of high alloy steel and protectors made of nitrilic rubber or polyamid.

  • Control panels

    Control panels

    The control panel is designed to control the pump motor of UARC and UAC drive heads for oil extraction using progressive cavities pumps. Control pamels with variable speed devices can be supplied at request.

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