S.C. NEPTUN S.A. is the main producer of mechanical transmissions in Romania, provided with modern technical and technological facilities, so that products of high technological and quality level can be manufactured.

The main ranges of mechanical transmissions currently manufactured in NEPTUN are:

  • one, two, three or four - step helical gear-units rated for  max. 600 kW
  • one, two, three or four -step bevel and bevel-helical gear-units rated for max. 800 kW
  • one step worm gear-units rated for max. 1100 kW
  • two and three- step helical and helical worm motor-gears, equipped with explosion-proof or standard motors, rated  for max.  45 kW
  • custom-made gears and geared motors with bevel and worm gears according to the client requirements, based on a high-class technological and constructive design made by our own highly experienced engineers
  • manual and electric actuators for valves
  • various spare parts requested by customers
  • drive heads for oil extraction using progressive cavity pumps
  • other mechanical transmissions for industry and agriculture


  • Phone:

  • Str. Bobalna, nr. 57-63, Campina – 105600, Prahova, Romania

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