The operating conditions of the equipments working in open-cut coal mining such as high and variable dynamic torques, low output speed, strong shocks, operation in open air, containing coal dust and humidity, mounting within limited spaces and inclined positions, ask for compact and stiff designs, featuring high fiability.

To cope with these tough conditions, NEPTUN gearboxes have fabricated housings of great rigidity, spiral bevel gears casehardened and ground, cylindrical gears casehardened and ground, properly dimensioned bearings and an optimized lubrication system.

NEPTUN can offer the whole range of special gearboxes or provide repairs for existing gearboxes from all the equipments operating in open-cut coal mining.
Specially designed gearboxes are used at all the equipments operating in open-cut coal mining such as:

  • Bucket-wheel Excavators SRs 470, 1300, 1400 and 2000
  • Dirt-heaping Machines A 2 Rs 2500x50, 4400x60, 4400x95, 4400x120, 6300x95, 6500x90, 12500x95
  • Caterpillar Belt-Carriages CBs 1200/29/32, 1600x60 and BRs 1600x60
  • Caterpillar Distribution-Carriage CDs 1600
  • Combined Machine for Coal Warehouses ASG 6000
  • Combined Machine for Transport and Storage KSs 5600/5600
  • Heavy Duty Belt Conveyors TMC 1600, 1800

The technical and operational characteristics, the overall and clamping dimensions and the constructive shapes are specific to each type of equipment.

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